Well Reinstatement: a crucial part of the final phase of the Tyra Redevelopment

Work is progressing full steam ahead at Denmark's largest gas field, Tyra, where we have started the very last phase of the redevelopment. Watch the video: An important part of the final chapter in the Tyra Redevelopment is to reinstate the 42 wells which will allow us to resume extraction of natural gas from underground reservoirs.

Once the final phase is completed and Tyra II back on stream, the field is expected to deliver 2.8 billion cubic meter gas per year and will thus contribute to Denmark’s and Europe’s energy security and energy independence. Therefore, more than 1,200 people offshore and over 250 people on land are working on making the facilities ready for first gas. 

Big well reinstatement scope 

About 2.5 years ago, each well was plugged, and the old valve assemblies – the so-called “Christmas trees” named after a decorated pine tree due to its similarity in shape – were removed and sent to land for refurbishment. Currently, the Christmas trees are being reinstalled on top of the wells and soon they will be reopened. 

Watch the video below and come behind the scenes of the well reinstatement campaign. Lars Henrik Petersen from the Wellservice team shows around the wellhead platforms and provides interesting insights about the campaign. 

Focus on sustainability   

Sustainability has been an essential prerequisite in all aspects of the redevelopment, and therefore several of our parts for Tyra II are reused or refurbished from the old Tyra platforms. For example, we have installed valve assemblies, the so-called Christmas trees, which are 40 years old and were first installed on Tyra in 1984. Before being reinstalled, they have been cleaned both inside and out, as well as being updated to today’s standards. So, when we are ready to send the first gas out to the Danes from Tyra II, it draws threads back to the gas production of the past.

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