New Tyra II utility and living quarters are en route to the North Sea

Esbjerg, 16 March 2022: TotalEnergies EP Denmark and its Danish Underground Consortium partners Noreco and Nordsøfonden are pleased to announce the successful sail away of the new Tyra II utility and living quarters. The utility and living quarters’ module was constructed at the Piomboni yard in Ravenna (Italy) by TotalEnergies’ site team and EPC contractor Rosetti Marino who together have spent 2.8 million work hours building it.

Today around noon, the completed module left onboard of Heerema Marine Contractors’ Barge H-408 on a 5,800 kilometers long journey.

Upon arrival at the Tyra field, the utility and living quarters will be installed by the world’s largest crane vessel Sleipnir, adding yet another key piece to Tyra II – Denmark’s new high-tech hub for natural gas production.

“The sail-away of the new Tyra II utility and living quarters is another significant milestone for the Tyra Redevelopment Project. It marks the successful conclusion to our close collaboration with Rosetti Marino. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic challenges, our teams have demonstrated impressive resilience and strong performance by delivering the completed module with zero accidents”, says Lars Bo Christiansen, Tyra Redevelopment Deputy Project Director for TotalEnergies EP Denmark.

The Tyra II utility and living quarters is one out of the five remaining modules – including the processing module and three Tyra West well head and riser modules – to be installed and powered up before the gas field is back onstream.

Facts about the new Tyra II utility and living quarters:

  • The module is 5,400 tons heavy, 32.5 meters tall consisting of 7 levels with a helideck –equivalent to the height of the Esbjerg Water Tower
  • The 3,500 m2 big area will not only be a home away from home for the future crew, but it also houses utility equipment that are of key importance for Tyra II

Tyra II’s utility hub:

  • All fire water and emergency power on Tyra II are supplied from this module
  • The two emergency generators create 3.2 MW, the amount of electrical power, equivalent to 3,500 Danish households, if they run for a year
  • The fire water pumps deliver 8,250 m3/h water, equivalent to the yearly water usages of 15 houses pr/h per pump
  • The water system can turn up to 200 liters of seawater into fresh water per person every day being used for drinking, cooking, washing, cleaning and more.

Tyra II’s home away from home:

  • Safety, efficient workflows and general well-being were key focus areas of the design which was created in a close collaboration with the future ‘residents’ who came up with 64,518 suggestions
  • The module houses a canteen, laundry facilities, a hospital, 80 single rooms, an outdoor terrace, and recreational areas which are equipped with sauna, gym, foosball table, and more
  • The layout is logical and smart ensuring fast ways, enhanced safety, socialization, and noise reduction


>> Visuals of the utility and living quarters and sail-away can be accessed here