A new digital beginning: The Tyra field can now be remote controlled from shore

Esbjerg, 13 June 2023 – Today, TotalEnergies is starting up the new established Tyra onshore control room – a crucial milestone for the whole offshore industry and a visible sign that the redevelopment of Denmark’s largest gas field soon comes to an end.

When Tyra II resumes production in the winter season 2023/24, it will be one of the world’s most advanced gas fields producing gas with 30% lower CO2 emissions. A core element of this is the new onshore control room located in the TotalEnergies office at the harbor in Esbjerg.

The advanced Tyra onshore control room marks a new digital beginning for the offshore industry. For the first time, we can fully remote control the new facilities out on the North Sea from land. Enabled by state-of-the-art technology, the onshore control room will help us to take safety, operational efficiency, and collaboration to new heights

, says Lars Bo Christiansen, Project Director Deputy for Tyra Redevelopment at TotalEnergies EP Denmark.

100.000 data points help optimize production, emissions, and safety 

The new Tyra facilities offshore are equipped with around 100,000 data points retrieved from sensors on critical equipment, which will continuously be monitored and analyzed by the control room team.

We try to predict the future by catching events before they happen. Instead of a valve or a pump running until it breaks down, sensors detect the smallest changes, and we can intervene before things stop working. This enables us to produce as much natural gas as possible, and at the same time it helps us to reduce CO2 emissions from Tyra’s production by 30 per cent

, says Lars.

Building Tyra II together with local forces 

Throughout the Tyra Redevelopment project, it has been a core priority to use the highly qualified local expertise. More than 75 local companies in the offshore sector around Esbjerg have been contributing to the redevelopment including the construction and commissioning of the new onshore control room.

This is a testimony to the strength of the offshore ecosystem of Esbjerg. The Tyra Redevelopment project is anchored locally – close to the offshore operations and a strong network of suppliers and technical expertise which has been developed over decades. Thousands of citizens of Esbjerg have been part of the development and execution of the project and collectively contribute to making Denmark self-sufficient on gas again

, concludes Lars.

The opening of the control room is an essential element in the final phase of the Tyra Redevelopment project where more than 1,500 people offshore and over 250 people on land are working on making the facilities ready for first gas. 


Facts on the Tyra Redevelopment 

  • TotalEnergies is the operator of the Tyra field on behalf of DUC – a partnership between TotalEnergies (43.2%), BlueNord (36.8%) and Nordsøfonden (20%). 
  • Tyra is Denmark’s largest natural gas field and has been a center for processing and exporting more than 90% of the natural gas produced in the Danish North Sea before its redevelopment. 
  • A redevelopment of the Tyra field is necessary due to the field’s natural subsidence of the chalk reservoir after many years of production. 
  • The redevelopment of the Tyra field includes three main elements: decommissioning and recycling of the old Tyra platforms; recycling and extending the current platform legs on six of the platforms with 13 meters, which will have new topsides; a completely new process module and a new accommodation platform 
  • Once the modernized Tyra II is back on stream, it is expected to deliver 2.8 billion cubic meter gas per year which amounts to 80% of the forecasted Danish gas production. 
  • Tyra II will secure continued production of natural gas with 30% less CO2 emissions and contribute to gas consumption in Denmark and Europe. 

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