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What is Tyra II?


With 35.000 tonnes located 54 meters above the seabed, Tyra II is Denmark's new high-tech hub for natural gas production in the Danish North Sea. The design, construction, and installation of the Tyra II platforms, when completed in the winter season 2023/24, will have taken a total of more than 10 years. Tyra II will be one of the world's most advanced gas fields, developed for the energy production of the future, which at the same time reduces CO2 emissions from natural gas production by as much as 30 percent.

Engineers from all over the world have been working since 2013 to create Denmark's new natural gas hub in the North Sea. Tyra II is the epitome of engineering in terms of both size and complexity. With a total weight of over 35,000 tonnes and up to 54 meters in height, Tyra II will become a small high-rise town on pillars in the North Sea, 225 km from the west coast of Jutland. There are great forces of nature at stake here, and every detail of the crew's safety has been thought of.


Why are we building Tyra II?


A redevelopment of the Tyra field is necessary due to the field's natural subsidence after many years of production. As a result, the platforms have sunk nearly 5 meters over the past 35 years. This has reduced the distance between the sea and the platforms' decks.

Tyra is Denmark's largest natural gas field, and the field is the center for processing and distributing gas to Denmark and several other countries. Due to the redevelopment, production and exports from the field were temporarily shut-in in September 2019. This means that for a period of time gas has to be imported from our neighboring countries.


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