First well reinstatement on Tyra II is complete

Esbjerg, 9 February 2023 – This week the well campaign has started, and the first refurnished well equipment has been successfully installed on the new Tyra II marking yet another important milestone in the final phase of the Tyra Redevelopment project.

In September 2019, the production from Denmark’s largest gas field, Tyra, has been suspended for its redevelopment. Since then, the old facilities were removed and recycled, and eight new platforms were constructed and successfully installed in the Danish North Sea. The redevelopment is now in its final phase, and all hands are on preparing the restart of Tyra’s production which is of key importance for Denmark’s and Europe’s energy security. 

Big well reinstatement scope has kicked off 

A crucial part of the final chapter in the Tyra Redevelopment is to reinstate the 42 wells which will allow us to resume extraction of natural gas from underground reservoirs. About 2.5 years ago, each well was plugged, and the old valve assemblies – the so-called “Christmas trees” named after a decorated pine tree due to its similarity in shape – were removed and sent to land for refurbishment. Now, the Christmas trees are being reinstalled on top of the wells and soon they will be reopened.

This week our offshore team has successfully reinstalled the first 3.2-tons heavy Christmas tree in its final position on top of the well. Here, it will control the flow of gas into the new facilities once Tyra is back on stream. In the coming months, work will continue to complete the remaining wells reinstatement and to reconnect the wells into the newly installed facilities,

Lars Bo Christiansen, Tyra Redevelopment Project Director Deputy for TotalEnergies EP Denmark.

Focus on sustainability 

Sustainability has been an essential prerequisite in all aspects of the redevelopment. As an example, the old Tyra platforms and structures were methodically removed and dismantled. Thanks to this, 98.5% of the material was reused or recycled. Most of it contributes to the global circular economy but some parts are also integrated in the new design of Tyra. For instance, the old jackets and Christmas trees are reused for the wellhead and riser platforms on Tyra II. 

Thanks to the qualified expertise in Esbjerg and Southern Denmark, it has been possible to reuse several parts for Tyra II. The Christmas trees were originally installed on the Tyra wells back in 1984, and they have been in operation for almost 40 years. Luckily, their condition was so good that we were able to refurbish and reuse them,

says Lars Bo Christiansen.

Towards first gas

The key focus of the final phase in the Tyra Redevelopment project is the preparation of the new offshore facilities for first gas. It includes the reinstatement of wells, power-up of platforms and systems, connection of facilities to existing North Sea infrastructure and testing the systems for operations.

We are working very hard to get Tyra’s gas production back on stream, and we are pleased to have achieved this important milestone in the final phase of the redevelopment. This week we have completed our first well reinstatement but there is still a lot of work left offshore and we are deploying all efforts we can and will continue to work around the clock with our partners and suppliers to deliver first gas as soon as possible to ensure the Danish security of supply,

concludes Lars Bo Christiansen.

Facts on the Tyra Redevelopment 

  • TotalEnergies is the operator of the Tyra field on behalf of DUC – a partnership between TotalEnergies (43.2%), Noreco (36.8%) and Nordsøfonden (20%). 
  • Tyra is Denmark’s largest natural gas field and has been a center for processing and exporting more than 90% of the natural gas produced in the Danish North Sea before its redevelopment. 
  • A redevelopment of the Tyra field is necessary due to the field’s natural subsidence of the chalk reservoir after many years of production. 
  • The redevelopment of the Tyra field includes three main elements: decommissioning and recycling of the old Tyra platforms; recycling and extending the current platform legs on six of the platforms with 13 meters, which will have new topsides; a completely new process module and a new accommodation platform 
  • Once the modernized Tyra II is back on stream, it is expected to deliver 2.8 billion cubic meter gas per year which amounts to 80% of the forecasted Danish gas production. 
  • Tyra II will secure continued production of natural gas with 30% less CO2 emissions and contribute to gas consumption in Denmark and Europe

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