Blog: Follow Tyra to full ramp-up

The Tyra Redevelopment is now beyond delivering first gas, continuing the process towards full ramp-up where the maximum technical production capacity will be reached.

Follow the Tyra Blog for updates on technical milestones towards full ramp-up – and visit our REMIT* messages here regarding Tyra that provide information on the steps in the process.

In the coming months, we are gradually re-establishing the gas flow from the fields connected to the Tyra hub, and the wells from the Tyra field itself (Southeast, West and East). Once back at full capacity, Tyra II enables Denmark to become self-sufficient and net exporter of natural gas once again.

Watch below the Tyra movie that explains about the project and the gas flow from the Tyra hub to the consumers.

* Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency




Operational occurrence impacts commissioning

Since first gas export to Denmark, the commissioning of the Tyra II Facilities has continued. On 18 April 2024 and 29 April 2024, TotalEnergies has informed via the REMIT platform that an operational occurrence is temporarily impacting the commissioning of the new Tyra facilities during the ramp-up and testing period. To resolve the occurrence, continued efforts and investigations are ongoing.

Given the ongoing works and investigation, the ramp-up period to reach full technical capacity is expected to be shifted by at least one month. Commissioning during the ramp-up period is expected to be subject to operational occurrences and variable gas export volumes. The exact duration towards full ramp-up will be determined by the outcome of the operational and investigation findings.

In this process, our highest priority is to safely complete the ramp-up to full capacity, enabling Denmark to again become a net exporter and self-sufficient on gas.


Tyra II resumes production from Harald field

The Tyra hub exported its first molecules from the Harald field towards Nybro in Denmark. Harald is the first Tyra satellite to go live, and production from further fields will be gradually added in the coming time.


Denmark receives first gas supplies from Tyra production in Nybro 

On 28 March 2024, the first gas supplies exported by the Tyra hub are reaching the onshore facilities in Nybro in Denmark wherefrom they will be distributed to the consumers.

In the next steps, the gas flow from Tyra wells and satellite fields will be gradually re-established. The Tyra hub will enable Denmark to become once again self-sufficient and net exporter of natural gas.


The Tyra hub restarts gas production

On 21 March 2024, the redeveloped Tyra hub that connects the surrounding fields in the North Sea, has started to re-build pressure inside the export pipeline connecting Tyra field to Nybro, first gas molecules are being added since production was suspended in 2019.  

Read the full press release here and stay tuned for a further update once the gas has arrived in Nybro.

In the next steps of the start-up phase, the gas flow from Tyra wells and satellite fields will be gradually re-established, with an expected ramp-up to full technical capacity reached in four months.


Dan gas flows into Tyra facilities 

On 16 March 2024, our teams reestablished the gas flow from the Dan field into the Tyra facilities. Visit our REMIT message including start-up timing here.

We are now entering the core of the start-up: while we flow the gas through the facilities, all last verifications are being performed before gas processing and export to shore can resume.   

Tyra II represents the central hub for Danish natural gas production in the North Sea. It not only processes the gas from the Tyra field but also from the surrounding satellites and the Dan field. At the processing module called TEG, the gas goes through different steps to reach the required pressure to enable gas flow to the Danish market.

The flow of the Dan gas is the first one to be reestablished to the Tyra hub. The gas flow from the Tyra satellite fields and reservoirs will be gradually reestablished.  

Stay tuned for more updates.


Methanol loading on Tyra has commenced

On 12 March 2024, the team successfully commenced the loading of Methanol at Tyra. Visit our REMIT message including start-up timing here. 

After the verification that all emergency and safety systems are functional and compliant, the team has received the green light to start loading Methanol at the new facilities.  

In specific, this was obtained via an Offshore Verification Statement (OVS) from the independent verifier for the methanol system, associated subsystems and safety systems confirming that the independent verifier has reviewed the design, fabrication and testing of these systems, as far as safety is concerned, and list any associated conditions. This OVS declaration forms part of the multi-step approval process towards first gas and further gas export, where additional accredited declarations will support the authority approvals. 

Methanol, a colorless and flammable liquid, plays a crucial role in further ensuring the safety and integrity of our offshore operations.  

Stay tuned for more updates.