Meet Ulrik: The reconnection to Denmark and surrounding fields

Come behind the scenes of the infrastructure reconnection campaign. Ulrik Phillip, Area Completion Manager for Tyra Redevelopment, takes you on a tour around the riser platform TEE where he provides interesting insights into the main connection points to Denmark and the surrounding fields and the overall campaign.

The Tyra East riser platform or short TEE represents a key gas connection point in the Danish North Sea. Here, the gas will arrive from the surrounding fields and leave the facilities towards Denmark and Europe.  

Before the summer break, Tyra was reconnected to Denmark following the successful installation of the final connecting riser piece on the gas export pipeline to shore. This month, the team successfully completed the Tyra subsea campaign when they executed final works on the new umbilical cable between Tyra East and Tyra West. With the milestone achieved, we are ready to power-up and operate the surrounding satellite fields once again, which is a crucial step towards first gas.

Read more about the recent reconnection milestone here.

About the Tyra Redevelopment project 

In September 2019, the production from Denmark’s largest gas field, Tyra, has been suspended for its redevelopment which presents the largest single investment in the North Sea ever. Since then, the old facilities were removed and recycled, and eight new platforms were constructed and successfully installed in the Danish North Sea. The redevelopment is now in its very final phase where all hands are on performing thorough tests of the equipment to verify the integrity of the systems, guarantee high quality, and ensure safe work conditions for our crew before gas will enter the new facilities and re-start Tyra’s production in the winter season 2023/24. 

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